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Thursday, December 2, 2010
I actually have nothing to say about toes, but I amused myself with the alliteration anyway. A couple of days ago, I had the amazing and fantastic opportunity to start following God on Twitter. I have to admit a small level of disappointment. Apparently this is a Judeo-Christian god and not actually Loki. Still, wise(ass) guy, check him out. Last night, Lucifer started following me on Twitter. Once again, a small amount of disappointment, because I expect this isn't actually Lucifer, but really Satan or maybe Hades.

This digital representation of one devil or another claims the privilege was bestowed up on me because I mentioned the concept of writing being wicked to Vampyr14 (Kate Larkindale, for those of you who prefer complete thoughts and sentences and would rather follow her blog (totally worth it, btw). I told him he followed before I said that to her, he told me he knew I would say it because he was omniscient, I resisted the urge to get into a pissing match with some vague representation of the devil, and walked away without reminding him that in his pantheon, God is omniscient, the devil is just really observant. After all that, I'm starting to suspect he's actually Hades and is mostly good just for a laugh.

And why did this amuse me on such a great level as to stream my thoughts to you about the entire thing? Because I was paying attention the day God started tweeting. I know that this is part of a marketing plan for a new book that's supposed to be a memior of God. Watching it unfold is fascinating for me on two levels. There's my bizzare obsession with all things viral (speaking of, did you see? Natalie Whipple totally unintentionally pulled off viral yesterday in a way most writers can only dream of with a touching and emotional blog post). And then there's, well, 75% of my writing portfolio. Apathy's Hero and Uriel's Fall are only two of what I decided last night/this morning would be a lot of fun to do.

My brilliant idea? Okay, maybe not so brilliant, but I'm amused by it. Stories about each of the characters I've mutated for the purpose of that universe. I figure there's got to be books in there somewhere about Loki, Kali, Herecles, Prometheus, Janus, maybe Hades, possibly even Michael and Lucifer. Though maybe not because the entire rest of the series involves them indirectly, just like I wouldn't need a separate one for Metatron.

I don't have any idea what the rest of these stories would be about. But at least now if I ever need a novel idea, I've just created five or six of them to pick from. Or maybe some would just be short stories. Oh, I could totally do an Apollo short story. And Artemis/Orion.

Okay, stopping now. I just realized a portion of this reads like a wiki article, what with all the link backs and such. I do apologize, but it's totally worth your time to visit each and every link and follow these people. Online stalking is a socially acceptable hobby, especially when there's virii involved.

What kind of gimmicks have you come across lately (or ever) that have gotten your creative juices flowing?

Are you getting tired of the questions?

Is this getting to personal?

I should stop now, shouldn't I?


Your blog is so funny. It makes me smile every morning. It's such a privilege to be mentioned on it.

And yes, writing is a little wicked. Especially since I have to steal time to do it so often. Hmmm... Didn't I have children somewhere?

You make me blush

*blush* <--see?

^_^ Didn't you leave the children in the closet. Or in front of the TV. Or something?

You do amuse me. ;-)

Don't have much response to the topic though. Have been so dazed over by random internet usage that I feel I have lost touch of blogs and useful tweets. No gimmicks have caught my attention.

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