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Friday, July 15, 2011
(Thank Janus it's Friday. Because today I'm offering praise to someone who might help me see the other side of the coin.)

I got two different pieces of feedback on the post I did yesterday. The first - from a dear, close source said the voice was wordy, and a little sterile.

The second told me the voice was nice and strong (and made my evening, btw).

All writing is subjective, right? ^_~

What's a writer to do? What do you do?
Wednesday, July 13, 2011
For those of you who didn't tune in last week, Deana Barnhart is hosting an awesome blogfest this month. And this week's challenge is we're all building a story together. If you'd like to read the story from the start, visit Nata. However, I'm taking my cues from the
link right before mine.

On top of continuing the story, I've been tasked with writing an action scene and including the words: awesome, dress, flake.

So...here goes ^_^

“…bike. Not one of those pussy bikes you see chugging down a suburban street, but an awesome hog with a massive engine.” Roddern shoved his hands in his pockets, surveying their surroundings as if such a thing would just appear.

Dio pursed her lips. “You men … it’s all about food, and size with you, isn’t it? Fine.” She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, and a loud roar sounded outside their tiny cell. Whoever thought it would be funny to grant her the power to do whatever she wanted, as long as it didn’t impact her directly, wasn’t as funny as they thought.

“Wicked.” Roddern grinned. A chain appeared in his hand, and then vanished again, followed by a clang outside the car. The bike engine revved and tires squealed. Though she couldn't see it, Dio wondered if she'd overdone it on the motorcycle as the car lurched, spinning out of control.

Dio screamed, fists hammering at the trunk, the vibrations making the gut wrenching ride even worse until the ride ended with the sound of crunching metal on wood. She climbed out, wincing as the tree that had stopped them rained flakes of wood onto her dress. She opened her mouth to speak, her eyes growing wide in horror when she saw something just behind Roddern.

Check out the next lucky participant, picking up where I left off.
Tuesday, July 12, 2011
In case you missed round 1 of these musings, the original post is here. Being in a moderately unique situation at home I've experienced a lot relating to gender and how males react to things versus females. And for a lot of us it extends to our writing.

Like...our blog posts. If you'd like, check out the Gender Genie. It's a lot of fun. But I noticed something today. I was reading a blog post by a male author. I was doing this while talking to one male friend and one female friend. And it struck me how very different the three styles of speaking (or typing in this case) were.

Both the male author and the male friend had some very distinct speach patterns in common. It's not what was said, but rather how it was said. Now, before I continue, my disclaimer is that 1 - this is just an observation based on two snippets of speach, and 2 - it's not meant to be a broad scoping stereotype about guys or girls. Anyway...both men spoke very directly. "This is what I'm thinking that I've chosen to share with you. Take it or leave it."

The woman on the other hand wasn't quite so direct. And there was almost an apology in her communication. So...where one of the men would have said "I want a drink. Bring me one?" The woman would have said "I think I'm thirsty. It sure would be nice if I could solve that problem. But I can't walk away from what I'm doing, and I couldn't impose on someone else to do it for me."

The woman's statement might be passive agressive, but it might be sincere. She may either secretly hope you'll get the hint and bring her something to drink, or may honestly not want to put you out. The man's statement...not so much room for interpretation.

So my question is...does your writing reflect that kind of direct versus subtle communication? I would have said 'No, definitely not' for the longest time. But I'm very certainly guilty of round-about writing. Something I've tried recently to overcome in things like my emails. If it goes on for more than two paragraphs, I need to re-evaluate and see what I'm actually trying to say.

Or...am I interpreting this completely wrong?
Monday, July 11, 2011
In my younger days (because anything before today is younger, though technically, it's been three or four years since my last 'incident'), I was a complete and total anime convention junkie. I didn't get to go to many, but I tried to make it to one a year out of town, and squealed with delight when we got a local one.

I even built a business plan that would allow me to visit any anime convention I wanted, and make money at it. It was a brilliant plan, too. Complete with market research, three year profit/loss projections, and verifiable proof that I'd be able to repay the business loan within three years. And then I started applying for said business loans right as the housing market collapsed, taking lenders' desires to loan anyone any money right along with it.

But, I still love conferences, conventions, trade shows of any kind. Yes, I can have fun at a life insurance or large format printing convention. I know, I've done it before. So, when I realized I might have a little more money this fall than I normally do, I said "Sweetie, there's this writer's conference in Denver in September..."

And she said "you should go."

So all weekend long I've been doing the happy dance because I get to go to The Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Conference in a couple of months. Silly thing is, Denver is less than six hours away, and I've never been there outside their airport. For all the cities I've visited, that's never made the list.

And I get to meet some of my awesome online friends, and I'm just super, super psyched about the entire thing. And if you're going to be there, hopefully we'll meet ^_^

In the meantime, I figure I should finish (again) my novel revision. It'd be nice to go with something and since it's halfway one-third done already, and I have two months...maybe?

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